Clean Energy
At Condotte Energia we are committed to creating a more sustainable environment and a better quality of life, striving towards a greener environment.
Responsible investing
Condotte Energia is constantly operating in support of sustainable investing, adopting environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG).
Condotte Energia provides design and construction services for renewable energy production plants together with technical and strategic advisory, combining a vast network of high-quality partners with its analysis and execution capacity.
Future business should take into account all the outcomes and not just the financial ones.

New financial models coupled to technological innovation could support the transition to a new more sustainable economy.
From the more traditional historical and architecturally prestigious real estate sector, which characterized its initial activity, Sorgente Group, headed by Valter Mainetti, started a process of strategic diversification in the clean energy production sector in Italy and abroad, in line with the ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) principles, the acronym that has become a standard for defining the sustainable approach to investments, including those relating to energy and environment.
Carlo Petagna
CEO of Condotte Energia
Graduated in Aerospace Engineering, after a significant experience with the European Space Agency and in the Management Consultancy sector, both in Europe and in Italy, he curated the establishment and the operational start-up of Invimit SGR, an asset management company entirely owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, where he held the position of General Director.
Among the others, he has been Deputy General Director of the State Property Agency, General Director of DoRealEstate, a Company controlled by DoBank S.p.A. operating in the NPL/UTP Real Estate sector, General Director of ACER Bologna, active in the social housing sector, and CEO of Quorum SGR and Sorgente SGR (asset management companies) with a constant care on increasing economic performance and reducing the environmental impact.
Pierluigi Borghini
President of Condotte Energia
Board member, Società Italiana per le Condotte d’acqua 1880
Graduated in mathematics, he held the position of President of Confindustria Lazio, President of Eurtel S.r.l. (Optical Fiber Operator) and EUR S.p.A., with which overseeing the construction of the largest Conference Center in Europe.
In 1989 he took over OMICRON ITALIANA S.p.A. and INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S.r.l. - manufacturers in the electronics sector - and merged the two Companies into a new one, named OMICRON INDUSTRIALE S.r.l.
In 2021 he was appointed Coordinator of the Industrial Policies Table with the Italian Ministry for Economic Development.
Condotte Energia, controlled by Condotte 1880, is primarily focused on the design and construction of sustainable and renewable energy production plants, mainly in the solar photovoltaic and wind sector, aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.
Condotte Energia, thanks to qualified partnerships and agreements, is able to cover the main components of the entire value chain, from design to construction to fully operational and subsequent management of the plants.
Sustainable and renewable energy represent a growing interest for both national and international investors, in the light of existing and future energy needs and the full decarbonisation goals imposing the industrial and financial context to significantly accelerate the adoption of the principles of the green economy.
Thanks to the adoption of the best professional standards and the inclusion of ethical values, transparency and fairness, we always act in the interest of our clients.

Mission Represent a high-level player as a part of a new economy aimed at reducing negative impact of traditional fossil fuels and averting the danger of climate change combining competence, technology and innovation.
Strategy We select and deliver the best opportunities in the clean technology area, acting according to sustainability and social/corporate responsibility international standards (ESG).

Strategic objectives:
Deliver long term value / Foster innovation / Ensure quality and effectiveness of the established assets
Values Our approach is based on the following core values:
1. Integrity / 2. Transparency / 3. Corporate responsibility / 4. Social responsibility / 5. Environmental responsibility / 6. Quality / 7. Innovation / 8. Cooperation / 9. Proactivity / 10. Communication

A fresh look at the new normal

From finance to management and exploitation of opportunities provided by real economy in a rapidly changing environment. Condotte Energia provides design, establishment, and technical advisory services throughout the life cycle of renewable energy production plants. Condotte Energia offer its clients strategic and operational consulting to mitigate risks and obtain superior performance.

Quality First

At Condotte Energia quality is not just a mind-set but our guiding principle in doing business. We are committed to maintaining a high-level quality through our internal value chain to ensure long term profitability and low-risk profile.

Responsible investing

We provide professional support for carefully selected initiatives in the field of non-fossil fuel energy production, with a particular focus on development projects. We conveniently combine talent, solid experience, and innovative ideas to manage the best opportunities in the field of sustainable technologies.


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